Turtle Fur Comfort Lush Bucket Hat

$45.00 USD

The '90s called, and they want their hat back. A piece that's as soft as it is fun, the Bucket Hat is here to make a statement. Made of our new, 100% recycled Comfort Lush™ fabric, this hat features a classic design with a fabulous, fluffy twist.

We love our new signature hat for next winter so much, we decided to launch a small batch early. The Comfort Lush™ Fleece Bucket Hat provides cozy coverage in a stylish, fluffy package. Ultra-soft against the skin, this hat is single-layer, providing just the right amount of warmth and coverage. Did we mention it's adjustable? With a small adjustable tab along the inside rim, you can tighten this bucket for a snug fit, or keep it loose (and even pair with a beanie liner if that winter weather is unforgiving).